Reduce Belly Fat – Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan: To reduce waist-abdominal fat naturally, follow this diet plan, you will lose weight fast

India is in danger zone in terms of obesity. So how to lose weight. Know from Swami Ramdev.

Obesity spoils the personality a lot. Neither you can wear clothes of your choice nor can you lead a happy life. The thing to be afraid of obesity is that it is not only a disease but it is also the root of 100 diseases. The increase in fat cells increases the risk of diseases like breathing problem, slow metabolism, diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain, cancer.

India is in danger zone in terms of obesity. In India, 70 percent of the people are overweight i.e. according to BMI they are overweight. At the same time, about 14 crore people are obj. India is the third country in the world in terms of obese people. Children are not far behind in this either. About 20 million children in the country are in the grip of obesity. Know which home remedies can be used to reduce weight fast from Swami Ramdev.

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Imagine a gourd. Consume only juice, vegetable or soup made from bottle gourd throughout the day. This will reduce your weight fast.

Eat boiled vegetables. In this you can include things like beet, broccoli, carrot etc.

Do not consume oily things. If you are adding oil to the vegetable, then use it sparingly.

Drink water from Giloy or Ashwagandha leaves throughout the day. You will get benefit from this.

Take out the juice of carrot, beet, apple and add a little lemon juice to it and drink it daily. This will help in reducing weight.

Drink cow’s extract after waking up in the morning

If you want, you can consume tea made from ashwagandha, basil and lemon juice. This will also reduce your weight faster.

Soak Triphala in the night and boil it in water in the morning and consume it by adding honey to it.

Take 2-2 tablets of Medohar Vati. Due to this, along with reducing weight, the digestive system will be fine.

Watermelon starts coming in the summer season. Along with reducing weight, it also fulfills the lack of water in the body.

Thirst is more in summer season. Many times they become victims of dehydration due to not drinking water. In such a situation, always keep onions, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions with you. Drink it whenever you feel thirsty. This will not increase your weight.

Boil 3-6 grams cinnamon in 200 ml water and filter it after boiling for 15 minutes. When lukewarm, add a spoonful of honey. Drink it daily on an empty stomach or before going to bed at night. Anti-bacterial properties are found in cinnamon.

Consume multigrain porridge daily.

Drink a glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of lemon juice.

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